Family photos are those that you capture at any event to make that event always unforgettable. These photos should be the ones to show all the natural expressions and the happiness of that event on face of all the members. If these photos are captured professionally then it will be best for you to remind all that happiness and times. So below given are some tips you can keep in mind while taking a family photos whether it is an event of dinner or marriage, just keep in mind these tips and try to apply these on the spot.

1.     Let Them Know about Your Presence:

Let the people know that you are capturing photos because some people may not want anyone to capture their photos and can ruin your photos by some expression or some something. So always try to inform do something by which they could understand that you are taking photos. This will help you to take photos with more natural expressions.

2.     Never Let Them Know You are Watching:

Keep hidden in some place and wait for the best time. Mostly the best time is that when everyone is done with the shoot and now going to be busy in work just wait for the clear background and do it.

3.     Fast and Long Lens:

Use the best long, wide and fest lens to capture the emotions correctly. Make sure not to use the flash otherwise this will attract more attention and you could not get that natural expressions.

4.     Observing the Moment:

Have strong observations on the moments and keep an eye on the expressions and eye movement.By this you can capture a photo professionally and can have a whole story in single photo. This is the main thing that a photographer needs and proud to have that.

5.     Having Fun:

Do not create a serious atmosphere at the event try to be nice and happy with everyone. Don’t be rude and utilize every chance you get to capture.

Following these tips can help you a lot in taking the best family photos and to create professionalism in your images. At last these are the only photos that will remind you about that pleasant time in future.


Camera works as the most important thing in life for the potential Photographers. If you are the one or want to be a good photographer then safety of your camera will be the first priority. While traveling to different areas for photography, sometimes the camera can be damaged. So to keep your camera safe during travel try to follow the below given tips.

·Checking Camera before packing it:


Double check your camera before packing it. Must check out the USB covers and lens caps. This will allow you to be known by any damage that may be happened in last trip.

·Keep Battery Charger with you:

Never ever forget to keep the charger with you. This helps you out in difficult times because no one knows what could happen in the future. Especially, if you are going on trip for more than a day. There are chances that your battery dead in the end of first day. So the charger will help you in that emergency.

·Keep some Cleaning Cloth with camera:

Always try to keep some kind of cloth or tissue paper with you to clean the lens especially if you are going to shoot at a place with a bad weather. And also keep in mind never to clean the lens when it’s dry. Produce some moisture on it by exhaling air on it and then clean it.

·Detaching the Lens from Camera:

Always keep in mind to detach the lens from the camera body. During the travel, a little pressure to the camera can damage it if the lens is attached. This can harm the threads and can make a great hassle during photography so always detach lens from it.

·Keeping the Camera Safe in Bag:

Always use the camera accessories bag to keep the camera and the accessories safe from any damage. Try to use the padded bags to be extra safe with your camera because camera is an expensive thing and also needs a lot of care. Try to avoid puttingliquid bottles in the bag but if it’s necessary to put them then make sure to wrap the camera in a plastic bag so that you can prevent camera from any spills or leaks from the bottle.

·Using Plastic Wraps and Covers:

Try using the plastic wraps that will help you to keep the camera safe in bag from the spills as well as keep it safe during photography in a rainy weather. These are available in any camera accessory shop and also have an affordable price.

·Camera Insurance:

Make sure to have the camera insurance so that you could become hassle-free in case of any theft or damage to the camera. This will also give you the peace you need while doing difficult shoots.


·Common Sense:

Using your common sense for the circumstances of damage or theft of camera can help out to be tension-free. Just do some pre-planning and try to think about what-to-do ideas in such situations in the future.

Try to follow the given tips and make sure you have done all the work safely and reliably. Best of luck for your future shoots and keep you apparatus safe.


Wedding is like the best moment for one and will come in one life only a single time so too capture and save these memories, a professional should be hired. This can only be done if you take some measures will hiring a professional photographer. She / He can help you out to save the golden memories of your life in golden ways so that every time you see that pictures, they take you again to back to that time.

But there are some precautionary tips or questions that should be considered and asked while selecting and hiring the best photographer for you wedding event.


·        Photographer’s Style:

There are different types of photographers that do wedding shoots. It’s your choice to select one for your shoot. There could be the journalist type photographers. If you want some frank Black and White shots then these are the best. Some are the traditional wedding photographers, if you prefer posed, staged or portraits then these will be the best choice to make. But if you do not know how to decide for the one then try the Special Mix Talented Photographer that is the third option.

·        Wedding Experiences:

Try to inquire about any wedding experiences and not only experience is important but this experience should also be the reliable one. Ask him/her for past experience photos so that you could rely on him/her. This will also give you a picture for his talent in this field.

·        Time Management:

Make sure to ask the photographer about any other weddings he’s going to shoot. This will give you an early picture about any time constraints at the time of event. Avoid those who are going to shoot too many wedding on that single day.

·        Being Familiar:

Always make sure that while choosing the photographer, you are talking to the one who will be there at the event because he will spend too much time with you at the event and could also be in your dressing room. So being familiar will make your comfortable with him and you could rely on such photographers.

·        Photographers Equipment:

Try to choose the photographer that have all the equipment’s needed and also have these up to date so that the picture results could be like those you wanted or idolized. This could only be done by the modern equipment.

·        Financially Friendly:

Make sure to clear all the rates and costs before the wedding and also confirm about the packages because some time the cost of album or video is not included in the photography package so it could create hassle and at the wrong time.

However, try to follow these rules and be friendly with your photographer only then you can get those natural emotions and evens captured in the images. These images will always remind you about that time and you will be thankful to the photographer and his amazing and efficient performance at the unforgettable event.


Product is the only thing that will reach the customer and only by this the customer will judge about your company’s performance and reputation. So making the best product and advertising it correctly will be the best option for your company’s success. Make sure to produce the best advertisement for the product because it will create hype in public and more and more customers will be attracted to buy your product. This could be done by hiring the best photographer for the shoot and try to be creative to make unique and attractive results.

Now below given are some tips you should keep in mind while hiring the photographer. Some questions should be asked to the photographer about his past experience and a portfolio far past shoots so that you can judge its work, creativity and experience.


Matching The Photographer’s Expertise with Product:

Make sure that the photographer has all the expertise according to your needs and the products requirements. The photographer should have a complete experience of product shoot as a new photographer may has more creativity but still can ruin your shoot with immature shots. Always ask for the past portfolios of his work so that you can get information about his experience the creativity he has.He should have special interest in the work and have expertise so that he can show his best performance.

Deciding Any Specific Style for Shoot:

Try to be creative and think of new different styles for the shoot but also idolize some eye-catching shoots to create your own images. Tell every idea you have to the photographer so that he can use that and will also tell you his own ideas. This will give an early image for the shoot and you can judge the percentage of your success before the shoot making you hassle-free at the time of work. There could be some more equipment needed for the style you want so early discussion an help you to be tension free at the time of shoot any the early setting could be done before start working.

Knowledge about Lighting:

Try to make sure that the photographer has a sound knowledge about all the lighting. Provide him the best lights. Natural lights are always better than the artificial so always prefer and use natural lights. Although it could be important to use artificial lights but try to use the natural light more than the artificial one. There are different tendencies of different products regarding the light reflecting properties so it’s necessary to have knowledge about it otherwise it could create problem while shooting.

Editing Techniques:

Ask the photographer for his editing techniques because there could little fault likeflare, reflections or dust in the images that could only be removed by editing. Also other filters and effects can be produced in the image.

 Creativity Level:

Make sure that the photographer you are going to hire is responsible considering its work as the most important task and also have a good sense of creativity.

However, the photographer you are hiring should have the experiences and practice of product photography. So best of luck for your next product shoot and keep in mind the given tips while hiring the photographer for shoot.



“Photography” is an art of capturing light or other electromagnetic radiations in an image. Nowadays small and easy to carry digital cameras are used by people but the images captured by DSLRs have no comparison with those taken by other small digital cameras. So those who consider best images to share use DSLRs.


Below are 15 interesting facts about photography that you may not know.

  1. The Brownie is a series of simple and reasonable cameras prepared by Eastman Kodak. It was very basic camera made of cardboard box and a lens that capture 2¼ inch pictures on 117 rollfilm and had cost of just 1 dollar. It was introduced in the month February, 1900.
  2. Nowadays, we capture as many photos in every two minutes as the whole humanity did in 1800s.
  3. According to a survey, 76 percent people belonging from Britain where noticed to be drunk in photos tagged to them.
  4. According to a study by James Schriillo and Kelsey Blackburn from Wake Forest Universityshowed that the left side of human’s face show greater intensity of emotions than the right side.
  5. There are 40 million photos uploaded by instagram daily and Facebook leads by 250 million photos upload per day.
  6. The total numbers of photos present on Facebook are 10,000 times more than the total of that in the U.S. Library of congress, which save U.S. history since that of the beginning of time.
  7. The photograph named as “View From The Window At Le Gras” is the oldest photograph taken in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce. This was taken at his estate in France and has a long exposure time of about 8 hours.
  8. Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* is the biggest SLR lens till now. It has a focal length of 1700mm and weights about 564lb/256kg. It was built for a customer who had particular interest in wildlife photography.
  9. 1923 Leica is the most expensive camera ever sold. It went for $2.8 million at an auction in Vienna.
  10. First color photograph was taken by a Scottish Physicist named as James Clark Maxwell in 1861. He photographed a Tartan Ribbon; he captured this image three times using a red, yellow and blue filter. Then combined those three images into concluding color compound.
  11. Esteban Pastorino Diaz created the world’s longest photographic negative having length just over 129 ft. It was captured using a custom-built slit panoramic camera on June 13th 2010 by mounting the camera on car roof top and roaming in major streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  12. There is a certainfondness of George Eastman with letter “K”. He once stated, “It seems a strong, incisive sort of letter.” Along the help of his loving mother, he decided the name “Kodak” for his company.
  13. In 1990, Cuddly toys were used by Kodak for the effort to get kids in the photography to promote their brand. These toys were named as Kolorkins.
  14. Back to the time before the digital age, spy photographs of Soviet Union was taken by US government.
  15. The oldest photograph ever taken with a man present in the shot is a photograph captured in Paris with a man getting his shoes shined.

These facts would surely prove to be some interesting and quirky fact ever known. If photography is done with some fun and knowledge then it will make your profession enjoying. Hope you liked these facts and also earned some knowledge from these.

On focus: “Beauty”

The world is an insane place, brimming with euphoria, exploit, sorrow, miracle, outrage, love and comprehension. It is our craving to share a percentage of the miracles we get to encounter with everybody else. In photography, whenever we can bring out not just an inclination of the truth of the surface physical world, additionally, an inclination of the truth of presence that lies complexly and secretly underneath its surface, we feel we have succeeded. A thing is not what you say it is or what you photo it to be or what you paint it to be or what you shape it to be. Words, photos and figures are images of what you see, think, and feel things to be, however they are not the things themselves. Taking care of business, photography doesn’t just serve to help enlighten a proportion of the murkiness of the obscure, however it likewise serves to decrease the reasons for alarms that again and again follow the paths from the known to the concealed. Despite the day-by- day worsening situation of our planet, one must keep an eye for beauty. The world is what you make of it. Seeing is believing. According to Martha Graham:


“The body says what words cannot.”

Al Maha Studio has a photography group with broad experience and a longing to unveil the marvels of the world. We have been lucky enough in capturing the smile of a wife-to-be, the laughter of a baby, beloved pets and vibrancy of kids at birthdays at many different occasions. Our catalogue includes fashion show shoots, product shoots family albums as well. We need to praise all that is great and delightful on this planet, to catch its thumping heart, and to weave a woven artwork of nature, mankind and coerciveness. With the help of creative minds and latest photography technology at Al Maha Studio, we are inspired to capture your little moments of life and transform them into an eternal memory. The way you look at things tends to alter your perception. We have an appointment calendar on our website to help visitors and interested people in booking a shoot. In the calendar, you can find out which days are currently available for booking and which ones are not. We strive to satisfy our clients in every possible way through hard work, creativity and passion. Our clients appreciate and love our style of photography. Our photographers are eminently professional and passionate. We have captured most of the Dubai through the eye of the camera in its true richness and diversity. At Al Maha Studio, we are driven by beauty and committed to portraying the beautiful moments of life. We promise that we will make it hard for you to choose a favorite amongst the album. We are open to new ideas and always appreciate criticism and comments. We work to deliver our best and aspire to make new clients and maintain a good relationship with the present ones. Photography is and always will be our passion.

Through the Lens of Heart

We started in 2003 with a vision of changing perspectives through the lens of the camera. Being one of the first photography companies, our mission was to truly depict the life in Dubai. Dubai in its entirety is art, and we decided to capture and portray the true essence of this populous emirate. As Ansel Adams said, “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” Be it weddings, baby-showers, product shoots, fashion shows or birthdays, we have been catering our diverse clientele ever since. It has been a fabulous journey so far. Often times, we forget the little moments of life that are invaluable, but a camera captures it forever. Photographers have a duty to read and understand what’s going on in the surroundings. This trait is the reason behind the emotions that are felt when looking at a picture. The pictures that take our breath away today were just a moment of yesterday. Photography is not merely a mode of literal communication of ideas, it is something we create. A photograph talks to you in a way that words cannot. The desire to capture a moment comes from within the heart. We get swept of our feet when we see emotions and formidable nature playing their role around us. It’s not the camera but the photographer who clicks!


Al Maha Studios has been highly successful in capturing the most precious moments and places. It humbles us to have been a reason behind many smiles. We promise to be the reason behind more. Our team of photographers and editors is highly skilled and artistic. We abide by the core values of photography. We believe that there are no limitations in photography. In our voyage in this universe of photography, we have experienced remarkable places and countenances. With camera close by, we can catch an idea worth spreading. We impart what we’ve seen as well as what we’ve discovered in whatever conceivable way there is. For a closer look, you can visit our portfolio gallery. A debt of gratitude is in order for viewing the world through our eyes. There’s a quote by Irving Penn:

A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it”

From various perspectives, photography is much the same as other professions– we learn along the way. No one succeeds at anything without taking in a lesson or two or hundred for that matter. In case you’re equally curious, roused, and fortunate, possibly you have an effective coach or companion in this business that’s there to help with these lessons. Possibly they’ve given you a chance to imitate their agreement, model launches, and other critical paperwork. Maybe they’ve guided you through their work process so you don’t need to always reinvent the wheel. Al Maha Studios is committed to discovering and sharing the common and social miracles of the world through photography, and in doing so rousing and urging the people to perceive the beauty of this life.