On focus: “Beauty”

The world is an insane place, brimming with euphoria, exploit, sorrow, miracle, outrage, love and comprehension. It is our craving to share a percentage of the miracles we get to encounter with everybody else. In photography, whenever we can bring out not just an inclination of the truth of the surface physical world, additionally, an inclination of the truth of presence that lies complexly and secretly underneath its surface, we feel we have succeeded. A thing is not what you say it is or what you photo it to be or what you paint it to be or what you shape it to be. Words, photos and figures are images of what you see, think, and feel things to be, however they are not the things themselves. Taking care of business, photography doesn’t just serve to help enlighten a proportion of the murkiness of the obscure, however it likewise serves to decrease the reasons for alarms that again and again follow the paths from the known to the concealed. Despite the day-by- day worsening situation of our planet, one must keep an eye for beauty. The world is what you make of it. Seeing is believing. According to Martha Graham:


“The body says what words cannot.”

Al Maha Studio has a photography group with broad experience and a longing to unveil the marvels of the world. We have been lucky enough in capturing the smile of a wife-to-be, the laughter of a baby, beloved pets and vibrancy of kids at birthdays at many different occasions. Our catalogue includes fashion show shoots, product shoots family albums as well. We need to praise all that is great and delightful on this planet, to catch its thumping heart, and to weave a woven artwork of nature, mankind and coerciveness. With the help of creative minds and latest photography technology at Al Maha Studio, we are inspired to capture your little moments of life and transform them into an eternal memory. The way you look at things tends to alter your perception. We have an appointment calendar on our website to help visitors and interested people in booking a shoot. In the calendar, you can find out which days are currently available for booking and which ones are not. We strive to satisfy our clients in every possible way through hard work, creativity and passion. Our clients appreciate and love our style of photography. Our photographers are eminently professional and passionate. We have captured most of the Dubai through the eye of the camera in its true richness and diversity. At Al Maha Studio, we are driven by beauty and committed to portraying the beautiful moments of life. We promise that we will make it hard for you to choose a favorite amongst the album. We are open to new ideas and always appreciate criticism and comments. We work to deliver our best and aspire to make new clients and maintain a good relationship with the present ones. Photography is and always will be our passion.

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