Camera works as the most important thing in life for the potential Photographers. If you are the one or want to be a good photographer then safety of your camera will be the first priority. While traveling to different areas for photography, sometimes the camera can be damaged. So to keep your camera safe during travel try to follow the below given tips.

·Checking Camera before packing it:


Double check your camera before packing it. Must check out the USB covers and lens caps. This will allow you to be known by any damage that may be happened in last trip.

·Keep Battery Charger with you:

Never ever forget to keep the charger with you. This helps you out in difficult times because no one knows what could happen in the future. Especially, if you are going on trip for more than a day. There are chances that your battery dead in the end of first day. So the charger will help you in that emergency.

·Keep some Cleaning Cloth with camera:

Always try to keep some kind of cloth or tissue paper with you to clean the lens especially if you are going to shoot at a place with a bad weather. And also keep in mind never to clean the lens when it’s dry. Produce some moisture on it by exhaling air on it and then clean it.

·Detaching the Lens from Camera:

Always keep in mind to detach the lens from the camera body. During the travel, a little pressure to the camera can damage it if the lens is attached. This can harm the threads and can make a great hassle during photography so always detach lens from it.

·Keeping the Camera Safe in Bag:

Always use the camera accessories bag to keep the camera and the accessories safe from any damage. Try to use the padded bags to be extra safe with your camera because camera is an expensive thing and also needs a lot of care. Try to avoid puttingliquid bottles in the bag but if it’s necessary to put them then make sure to wrap the camera in a plastic bag so that you can prevent camera from any spills or leaks from the bottle.

·Using Plastic Wraps and Covers:

Try using the plastic wraps that will help you to keep the camera safe in bag from the spills as well as keep it safe during photography in a rainy weather. These are available in any camera accessory shop and also have an affordable price.

·Camera Insurance:

Make sure to have the camera insurance so that you could become hassle-free in case of any theft or damage to the camera. This will also give you the peace you need while doing difficult shoots.


·Common Sense:

Using your common sense for the circumstances of damage or theft of camera can help out to be tension-free. Just do some pre-planning and try to think about what-to-do ideas in such situations in the future.

Try to follow the given tips and make sure you have done all the work safely and reliably. Best of luck for your future shoots and keep you apparatus safe.


  1. Liza Sales

    Your blogs are very informative and helpful for aspiring photographers. Looking forward for more interesting tips in photography.


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