“Photography” is an art of capturing light or other electromagnetic radiations in an image. Nowadays small and easy to carry digital cameras are used by people but the images captured by DSLRs have no comparison with those taken by other small digital cameras. So those who consider best images to share use DSLRs.


Below are 15 interesting facts about photography that you may not know.

  1. The Brownie is a series of simple and reasonable cameras prepared by Eastman Kodak. It was very basic camera made of cardboard box and a lens that capture 2¼ inch pictures on 117 rollfilm and had cost of just 1 dollar. It was introduced in the month February, 1900.
  2. Nowadays, we capture as many photos in every two minutes as the whole humanity did in 1800s.
  3. According to a survey, 76 percent people belonging from Britain where noticed to be drunk in photos tagged to them.
  4. According to a study by James Schriillo and Kelsey Blackburn from Wake Forest Universityshowed that the left side of human’s face show greater intensity of emotions than the right side.
  5. There are 40 million photos uploaded by instagram daily and Facebook leads by 250 million photos upload per day.
  6. The total numbers of photos present on Facebook are 10,000 times more than the total of that in the U.S. Library of congress, which save U.S. history since that of the beginning of time.
  7. The photograph named as “View From The Window At Le Gras” is the oldest photograph taken in 1826 by Nicéphore Niépce. This was taken at his estate in France and has a long exposure time of about 8 hours.
  8. Carl Zeiss Apo Sonnar T* is the biggest SLR lens till now. It has a focal length of 1700mm and weights about 564lb/256kg. It was built for a customer who had particular interest in wildlife photography.
  9. 1923 Leica is the most expensive camera ever sold. It went for $2.8 million at an auction in Vienna.
  10. First color photograph was taken by a Scottish Physicist named as James Clark Maxwell in 1861. He photographed a Tartan Ribbon; he captured this image three times using a red, yellow and blue filter. Then combined those three images into concluding color compound.
  11. Esteban Pastorino Diaz created the world’s longest photographic negative having length just over 129 ft. It was captured using a custom-built slit panoramic camera on June 13th 2010 by mounting the camera on car roof top and roaming in major streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  12. There is a certainfondness of George Eastman with letter “K”. He once stated, “It seems a strong, incisive sort of letter.” Along the help of his loving mother, he decided the name “Kodak” for his company.
  13. In 1990, Cuddly toys were used by Kodak for the effort to get kids in the photography to promote their brand. These toys were named as Kolorkins.
  14. Back to the time before the digital age, spy photographs of Soviet Union was taken by US government.
  15. The oldest photograph ever taken with a man present in the shot is a photograph captured in Paris with a man getting his shoes shined.

These facts would surely prove to be some interesting and quirky fact ever known. If photography is done with some fun and knowledge then it will make your profession enjoying. Hope you liked these facts and also earned some knowledge from these.

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